Undoubtedly our most popular events, Cantus is something you just cannot miss during your time in Maastricht! Our record for selling tickets is at 18 Minutes, so make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible.

What is a Cantus? Simple: singing and lots of beer! Imagine Oktoberfest meets karaoke, but a lot more fun. We will make a song selection of some of our favourite songs before and you can use your lyric booklet to check for those lines you don't know. On the evening itself, the praesidium, also known as the board of ISN Maastricht, will tell you when to sing, to stand up and how much to drink. And you better follow our rules, otherwise we might need to punish you ;)

Predrinking is not necessary, you will get enough beer at the Cantus.

Here are the rules:

1) The Praesidium (board of ISN Maastricht) leads the cantus
2) The Corona consists of all the people participating
3) By joining the Beer Singing Cantus, you obey the rules, which are set by the Praesidium.

The rules:

4) You are NOT allowed to drink unless the head of the Praesidium (Senior) says so. This means that you are not allowed to drink during the songs or any time at all the senior says so.

5) You are NOT allowed to have you booklet open while NOT singing. So you can only use your booklets during the songs.

6) Before you start to drink, you have to say cheers
- The Senior will call out: “Prosit Corona!”
- The Corona responds with: “Prosit Senior!”
- The Senior will make a toast: “Prosit, very beautiful Corona!”
- The Corona responds with: “Prosit, very beautiful Senior!” After which the Senior will tell you the drink commando.

7) There are three types of drink commandos:
- Ad Fundum - You have to drink the total amount of beer that is in your glass at once
- Ad Satis - You drink until the Senior says “Satis” (stop).
- Ad Libitum - You drink as much or as little as you want.

8) If you do not obey these rules, the Praesidium can punish you:
The person that is not obeying the rules of the Praesidium can be called to the Praesidium table. Then you have to do whatever the Praesidium tells you to do.

9) Do NOT stand or climb on the furniture. We will immediately remove you from the cantus.
10) Do NOT throw with beer. We will immediately remove you from the cantus.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Canti throughout the semester!